Innovative manufacturing to prevent cavitation

In the last months together with our partners we have worked hard to build an innovative manufacturing process ensuring lower cavitation on our rotors.

The purpose of this approach is to minimize the effects of cavitation to reduce expenditures for operation and maintanance and of course machine downtimes. Cavitation is caused by vapor bubbles which are created in areas where there occurs low pressure. At the time of collapse of the vapor bubbles, high pressure peaks occure and the surfaces of the turbine runner gets damaged over the time. We know well, that the cavitation can be prevented by efficient design and precise manufacturing. Today existing hydro power plants are being pushed to balance the inflexibility of other renewable energy sources by extension of their operating range, despite the probability of cavitation occurence. In CNC TVAR we understand that need and that is why we have invented a brand new approach combining the newest measuring technology with the dexterity of our grinders, delivering even better surface quality.

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