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Hydro power plants play critical role in balancing power supplies in coronavirus crisis

The hydro power plants are one of the most important tools to keep the power supplies in balance, while the countries is facing closure of businesses. In Uk for example, this fact has pushed the demand for electricity under 80% of the average from the last year in April and May. The weather in those months did not help the balance of the grid, while much higher output from solar and wind farms was recorded. 

The pumped storage power plants made it possible to protect the stability of the system, which was balanced every minute and the excess electricity was absorbed by pumping the water from the lower reservoirs uphill. Only when needed again, the water from the upper reservoir was released through the hydro turbines in order to generate electricity. 

We support all the individuals, groups, companies and countries working on reaching the carbon neutrality or having a net zero carbon footprint. 

Modernization of the iconic Austrian power station at Kaprun

We are proud to be part of modernization of the pumped storage power plant at Kaprun. The station is located at the foot of the highest mountain, the Grossglockner and in between the lower Wasserfallboden and upper mooserboden reservoirs.

The Limberg II pumped storage power plant with two vertically installed pump turbines, each with intake capacity of 72m3/sec, pumps the water in between those two reservoirs allowing a great control over the energy supply for the power grid and delivers 480MW of valuable energy during pumping and turning operation.

The stay rings CNC TVAR supplied play a significant role in the overall efficiency of the power plant.


We are excited to see the positive impact of renewable hydro energy projects, like the one from San Andres, Colombia for which we have supplied three Pelton runners. Learn more about San Andres hydro power plant project in the full video here.

Final polishing, one of the most important steps for cavitation prevention. #hydropower #cnc #machining #renewableenergy


Innovative manufacturing to prevent cavitation

In the last months together with our partners we have worked hard to build an innovative manufacturing process ensuring lower cavitation on our rotors.

The purpose of this approach is to minimize the effects of cavitation to reduce expenditures for operation and maintanance and of course machine downtimes. Cavitation is caused by vapor bubbles which are created in areas where there occurs low pressure. At the time of collapse of the vapor bubbles, high pressure peaks occure and the surfaces of the turbine runner gets damaged over the time. We know well, that the cavitation can be prevented by efficient design and precise manufacturing. Today existing hydro power plants are being pushed to balance the inflexibility of other renewable energy sources by extension of their operating range, despite the probability of cavitation occurence. In CNC TVAR we understand that need and that is why we have invented a brand new approach combining the newest measuring technology with the dexterity of our grinders, delivering even better surface quality.

For details, you can always contact one of our experts.

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